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Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing Design & Engagement Company

Turning your uncertainty into possibility. Effective web and eCommerce store design plays a vital role in the success of every business in the modern era. Your website serves as the initial impression for potential clients, making it crucial to captivate them right from the start. Engage your audience with a sleek and intuitive design that not only grabs their attention but also sparks their curiosity to explore your company further. Linked Digital's web design services offer high-converting designs that will not only generate more leads but also establish your company as a leading contender in the market.

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How We Build Your Digital Footprint.

3 simple steps for success.



Collaboration and partnership are at the heart of our values. Our virtual staff seamlessly integrates into your internal marketing team, enhancing skills, assisting in campaign planning, and handling time-intensive tasks. By entrusting us, you reclaim valuable time and can focus on what truly matters. We are your trusted partner, taking care of the rest.

Fantastic! Now that your website is up and running, it's time to drive potential buyers to explore your offerings. We're here to assist you in creating compelling content that attracts their attention. Whether it's crafting meticulously researched blogs, articles, or engaging social media posts, we ensure to incorporate strategic keywords and phrases that entice visitors to delve into your content. Together, we'll captivate your audience and encourage them to explore what you have to offer.


To optimize the performance of your online shop or website, we will implement powerful analytics and call-to-action tools. These include effective pop-ups, strategic up-sells, and more. By utilizing these tools, we ensure that your online platform operates exactly as intended, maximizing its potential and driving desired actions from your visitors. Rest assured, our focus is on delivering exceptional performance and achieving your business goals.

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Our Services
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Our Services

Services with a high impact that are ready to boost your bottom line.

We analyze your setup and provide customized solutions. Whether it's redesigning your website or integrating eCommerce functionality, we offer consulting and design services. We select the best platform to boost sales locally, target both Western and affluent Chinese consumers, or expand internationally.

Digital engagement and PPC advertising are essential for connecting with your audience and driving results. Engage your audience through various channels and provide value through compelling content. PPC advertising allows targeted reach and effective ad spend, driving qualified traffic and conversions. Together, they help achieve marketing goals in the digital space.


Web design, brand development, and SEO are essential for a strong online presence. Web design creates engaging and user-friendly websites. Brand development establishes a memorable brand identity. SEO boosts visibility and drives organic traffic. Together, they form a powerful foundation for success in the digital realm.


Gain insights, make informed decisions. Our comprehensive analytics services collect and analyze data from various sources. Uncover trends, metrics, and customer behavior to enhance performance and drive sustainable growth. Empowering you with actionable recommendations and reports.


Offline to Online (O2O) strategies bridge the gap between physical and digital experiences. They integrate offline marketing with online platforms to enhance engagement and drive conversions. Examples include QR codes, unique URLs, online ordering with in-store pickup, and virtual consultations. O2O strategies create a seamless customer journey, expanding reach and maximizing interactions.


NWITC, a subsidiary of Linked Digital Services, specializes in bridging the digital gap between Eastern, Indigenous, and Western markets. With expertise in Chinese and Indigenous Western management, we help companies connect with affluent Chinese consumers, attract investment, and create successful digital experiences globally.

If you have aspirations to find new consumers and markets both locally and internationally ask us about our China consulting programming; we'd love to hear about your project - Excited to say the least!

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In today's digital landscape, designing captivating and impactful digital marketing strategies is of utmost importance. Branding and social media campaigns have become the primary avenues through which people discover companies when seeking products and solutions. It is crucial to recognize that this initial interaction serves as their first impression and shapes their perception of your company's quality of work. Therefore, crafting a compelling and engaging experience is paramount to showcasing the value your company can offer in their eyes.


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"We're a French company that sells children's and women’s clothing. We wanted to grow our market presence with Chinese consumers and in China. Our goal was to develop brand awareness in and therefore increase our number of distributors. We needed to be active on local social media channels in the country to get more Chinese distributors." 

"Since we opened those social media channels, we received an increase in demand by retailers. More shops want to distribute our brand. The size of the social media community’s growing. There are a lot of comments about our brand and retailers tell us that their customers want them to sell our brand, which didn’t happen before. This is what we wanted, so we’re happy with the results."

Audrey Huxley

Commercial Director for Louise Misha

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