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Marketing Analytics Consulting

Opimie Markting Performance

Optimize Marketing Performance

Increasingly, marketing organisations are under pressure to maximize effectiveness and optimize marketing performance. Marketing spend needs to be able to identify, reach, engage, convert, and retain more customers in order to maximize bottom-line results. 

Nevertheless, many marketing executives struggle to measure and analyze marketing performance, unable to confidently answer important business questions like: 

  • Who are our most valuable customers?

  • What are our best performing channels?

  • What are our most effective campaigns? 

  • How do you grab attention online?

  • How do you convert attention into curiosity, and curiosity into action?

  • How do you retain audience interest?  

  • Hoes our activity compare to competitors?

  • Are we allocating resources appropriately?

  • What are our best opportunities for growth?

  • Where should we focus our marketing spend?

  • What should we do next to increase our results? 


This is where LINKED can help. By integrating data-driven marketing analytics with our holistic approach, we can help you answer your questions and achieve the following:

  • Improve decision-making

  • Forecast customer behaviour

  • Take meaningful action

  • Enhance the customer journey

  • Demonstrate sustainable value

  • EVOLVE your organization

  • Take your business to the next LEVEL.


Capture, Analyze, and Act on Your Marketing Data

Analytics initiatives are designed to provide actionable insights from your data, enabling users and organizations to make smarter decisions and improve business outcomes. 

Setting goals and objectives - defining your objectives and measuring your progress.

Reporting and analysis - Producing visualizations and marketing analytics dashboards that effectively convey results and strategic insights. 

Holiti Customized

Holistic, Customized Marketing Analytics Solutions

While other firms may excel at one or the other, LINKED combines its proven expertise in analytics consulting and digital marketing to deliver holistic marketing analytics solutions based on your unique business needs. 

Specifically, we will work with your organization to:

  • Review marketing efforts and establish clear goals and objectives

  • Determine what data needs to be collected to accurately measure results.

  • Work with your teams to ensure systems are accurately collecting data 

  • Extract data from the various data sources, transform the data as needed, and consolidate into a data warehouse for improved analytics insights

  • Create visualizations and dashboards that effectively communicate results, showing both areas of success and opportunities for improvement can be implemented 

  • Develop strategic models to forecast customer behavior using predictive analytics 


Marketing Analytics Services 

  • Business Discovery with Marketing Stakeholders

  • Opportunity/ Threat Identification 

  • Marketing and Customer Insights, Segmentation, and Personalization 

  • Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM)

  • Attribution Modeling

  • Product Lifecycle Analysis

  • Marketing Automation ​


Customer Analytics Services

  • Customer Lifetime Value/ RFM Analysis 

  • Customer Journey Analysis 

  • Retention/ Churn Analysis 

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  • Brands that demand a robust and streamlined testing process, as well as the company that delivers it, to form solid partnerships.




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