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Project Timeline:

April 2022 - Ongoing

See how we've helped OraanzhCart eCommerce store develop, and eCommerce store virtual locations across multiple cities in Canada with the prospect to sell into the US and China through the same platform.

We were contracted to develop a digital adoption program and eCommerce marketplace for this Indigenous company.

We wanted to showcase and demonstrate that the perfect way to celebrate Indigenous businesses and learn about exceptional local products! We developed content supporting expertly crafted items from both Indigenous and Canadian businesses as the ultimate way to experience stunning creations while supporting an Indigenous economy.

We introduced their product in a way that is going to be introduced as useful, educational and beautiful items that you can share with your family and friends.

Backend, product categories, shipping, and preferred Western and Chinese digital payments have all been thoroughly developed. What distinguishes this platform from the standard Shopify, Lightspeed, or other SaaS eCommerce platforms is that it is integrated with Chinese digital technology WeChat, Weibo, Live Selling, QR code generation, and more.

We chose to develop this platform for our client because the company wanted to reach out to more local affluent consumers, including both Chinese and Spanish consumers. What's particularly noteworthy is that thanks to this technology, we can assist the client prospect in selling into both the United States and China via the same platform. Contact us to learn more about how this integration and platform can give your business a distinct advantage in attracting new customers.

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