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Project Timeline:

January 2022 - Ongoing

See how we've helped Clearflow Group increase awareness and lead generation across multiple cities in Canada and US markets.

Clearflow began in 2005 as a response to the drive towards more sustainable environmental stewardship and stricter regulatory controls. We are a team of dedicated and experienced professionals who focus on innovation to come up with one-of-a-kind answers to your environmental needs.

The Challenges

Clearflow's case was particularly challenging because of the product's utility. The technology is so unique and offers one-of-a-kind solutions that can be applied to a variety of industries due to its water treatment properties.

Capturing content remains a challenge due to the sensitive nature of their projects, so our approach is focused on releasing premium content with scientific topic research done, working with the client on their many industry awards, bringing attention to important environmental issues, and content that we are able to capture from projects.

We collaborate with the client to determine what they require and can also make recommendations for more ad hoc strategies and content development. A 2D explanation video is provided below. As previously stated, the company's product is unique, so it was decided to create a video that can be used across channels to highlight the product's features and benefits in an enjoyable and educational manner, resulting in greater product understanding and sales opportunities.

Power in Numbers


52 %

Site Sessions

41 %

Unique Visitors

23 %

Average Session Duration


Follower Increase
Bounce Rate


Qualified Leads Generated

- 7 %

Project Gallery

Scope of Work (2022 - Ongoing)

Objective 1:

  • Website ReDesign

  • Digital Asset Organization

  • Social Media Integration

  • Behaviour Traffic and Flow Improvements

Objective 2:

  • Social Media Reboot And Growth

  • Social Media Posting, Scheduling, Management

· Creation of Stories, posts, and highlights for both Canadian and US channels

· Repost and adjust content from main industry channels

· Search and apply relevant hashtagging

· Special industry & cultural holidays, including Indigenous celebrations and key events

· Successfully implement growth plan boosters throughout the year

· Partner collaboration providing. more comprehensive showcasing with social takeovers

· Linking to websites and blogs

· Scheduled posting - adaptive to the customer needs (in some cases companies may not have a large amount of digital content and thus assets to utilize to showcase product demonstration, organizational highlights, and so on, so we adapt to offering premium content pieces in blogs and research and provide premium static images that the company owns, and to be able to re-market with in the future.

Objective 3: Advertising

- LinkedIn Ad Creation & Targeting

- Google CPC Campaign Management

Objective 4: Testing & Optimization

- Analytics

- SEO Monitoring and updating

Objective: Special Projects & Industry Blog

- Videography, including a 2D explainer video

- Monthly premium content pieces to demonstrate the they are thought leaders: Industry Blog

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