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There are over 1 billion users (4 million in N.A.) on WeChat, the largest Chinese ‘super-app’.

On WeChat, users can chat, pay for goods and services, use a range of 'mini-apps' that provide a range of services including ride-hailing, airline ticket booking, playing games, and many others.

The app is used by a vast majority of Chinese speaking immigrants in Canada and the US. Since WeChat provides functionality comparable to Facebook, Whatsapp, and Amazon, it is where this community gathers online. It is the one platform that companies cannot ignore if they want to reach this market.

From advertorial formats to banner campaigns and beyond, we help our clients execute Chinese language campaigns on WeChat.

Gain access to affluent Chinese consumers in Canada and abroad through WeChat. Build a strong Chinese social media strategy to promote your brand.

Our Services



Chinese Digital Marketing Project Audit

Verified Account Registration

We maintain an officially registered account for localized marketing as well as selling into China account registration. 

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WeChat Group Marketing

Unlock WeChat Group Marketing for more views and more engagements

Chinese Digital Marketing Baidu SEO & SEM

WeChat CRM

Set-up of a smart menu or CRM to improve communication with your followers

Chinese Digital Marketing Chinese Social Media

WeChat Branding

Customized Social Media Strategy with your KPI in mind.

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H5 & Mini program

High-quality brochures & Mini-program that can easily be shared around.

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WeChat Paid Ads

There are many way to paid advertising on WeChat, let us guide you.



An official WeChat account is the most important thing for a company to have in China. We have created and managed them for many companies.

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Top WeChat Marketing Campaign

Behind every great social media campaign, you have a creative marketing agency that has worked hard to make your concept a reality. We help you find out what is possible for you and your budget and define a social media strategy that will work for you: organic content, as well as paid advertising.

WeChat H5 Brochure

WeChat H5 brochure is the best way to share the most interesting information about your business. It could be your product Listing, your company intro, your services description, your case studies, and so on. Keep in mind that WeChat is the most common way of communication in China, way more popular than Emailing. Having a WeChat Brochure will also give you an advantage in a trade fair compared to the paper format brochure that often ends up in a trash bin and is expensive to print.


WeChat CRM

WeChat official account is becoming more and more sophisticated with time. If WeChat menus with automated responses have been around for a while you can now do much more such as managing membership. Setting up an easy-to-navigate menu and smart automation can go a long way in nurturing your followers. Don't skip this step.


WeChat Articles 

Many Social Media agencies across China offer WeChat and social media services, but which ones are at the top? It is today not enough to offer standard Services for WeChat, your social media campaign has to be “creative” and use solutions that will reach Chinese people.


Our allies

We serve, not sell

"We're a French company that sells children's and women’s clothing. We wanted to grow our market presence with Chinese consumers and in China. Our goal was to develop brand awareness in and therefore increase our number of distributors. We needed to be active on local social media channels in the country to get more Chinese distributors." 

"Since we opened those social media channels, we received an increase in demand by retailers. More shops want to distribute our brand. The size of the social media community’s growing. There are a lot of comments about our brand and retailers tell us that their customers want them to sell our brand, which didn’t happen before. This is what we wanted, so we’re happy with the results."

Audrey Huxley

Commercial Director for Louise Misha


Are you having trouble navigating the world of digital marketing? Speak with one of our website experts regarding your project. We will get back to you within 24 hours. Call us today for a no-obligation digital consultation.

Relax and Enjoy this Short Video Clip Showing Off WeChat and The APP's Amazing Features!

What can you expect from working with us?

Store & Website Visits

connect with nearby customers & shoppers

Better Engagement

turn visibility into sales

Transparent Reporting

understand your results

Highly Responsive

we're available when you need us

More Revenue

campaigns built to win

Search Experts

100% focused on search

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  • Brands who wish to learn more about the design and development stages in order to improve performance.

  • Brands that require tactics that are founded on thorough investigation of each step, page, or link.

  • Brands who wish to stand out by using innovative ideas and flawless web design to bring their vision to reality.

  • Brands that demand a robust and streamlined testing process, as well as the company that delivers it, to form solid partnerships.






How can WeChat help my brand to implement my company in Canada, US and China?


WeChat is the app on which the Chinese spend most of their time. They literally spend several hours on it every day. It is the number one app in China. WeChat is a great tool to create a community but is not the app to gain visibility. However, you need it for your brand credibility. A brand/company that is not on WeChat has more chances to look suspicious in the eyes of the customer.


Why should I hire an agency to take care of my digital marketing strategy in China ?

Though you might have a lot of experience with marketing in your country, it is probably really different from what is Digital Marketing in China. They have different apps, a whole different digital world. Trying to go there by yourself will be challenging there are no doubts about it. Our agency can help you from getting a Chinese business license to creating great content in mandarin to promoting your brand and even manage your e-commerce store with services such as listing and customer service.

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