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Media, Influencers, KOL

Top Partnering PR Agency In Canada: Media, Influencers, KOL, Stars

As a leading PR agency in Canada, we excel in partnering with media, influencers, KOLs, and stars to amplify your brand's message. With our extensive network and expertise, we drive meaningful engagement and enhance your brand's reputation. Trust us to establish a strong presence in the Canadian market and beyond.


How Can We Help For Your PR & KOL?

Use Media, Influencers, KOL, Stars To Promote Your Brand With Affluent Chinese Consumers In North America


Chinese Journalists Network

We have more than 2500 Chinese journalists in our database


Viral Campaign that aims at consumers taking action with your brands


Cost-effective & well-optimized KOL campaign with an inventory of over 3000 KOL


Increase the authority of your website with our access to thousands of followers online, including live selling.


PR & media exposure help you increase the popularity of your brand


We will send you a detailed report every month and an analysis of the results

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Chinese KOLS - Frequently Asked Questions


How to find a Chinese KOL for my brand?

When entering or planning to enter the Chinese market, it's advisable to consult with specialists and carefully research KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders). While the Chinese market presents opportunities, it's important to avoid scams and money-focused individuals. Evaluate KOLs by assessing their account, follower count, past brand collaborations, campaign capabilities, and even watch their live-streaming sessions to gauge audience reactions. Thorough research helps you make informed decisions and avoid potential pitfalls.

The Importance of Live Streaming in China

Companies looking to boost sales should leverage live streaming as a powerful tool. Live streams enable KOLs and brands to showcase their products, fostering greater loyalty among viewers. This interactive approach enhances the buyer experience, providing entertainment and engagement beyond traditional online stores. By witnessing live demonstrations from familiar faces, viewers can better connect with the product, surpassing the static experience of reading about it or watching pre-recorded demos on a company's website.


What are China's Most Popular Social Media

Beyond Weibo and WeChat, emerging platforms like Douyin, Little Red Book (Xiaohongshu), Kuaishou, and Bilibili have captivated Chinese consumers. When expanding into the Chinese market, considering platforms like Toutiao and Zhihu is also valuable. As the digital landscape evolves, exploring these diverse platforms is crucial to effectively engage and reach Chinese audiences.

Chinese Key Opinion Leaders & Key Opinion Consumers

KOL marketing has long been a prominent strategy in China, but there has been a noticeable shift towards KOC (Key Opinion Consumer) marketing in recent years. This shift has become essential for new players in the Chinese market. The Covid-19 outbreak has significantly influenced the online market in China, and Chinese consumers now perceive KOC as a more trustworthy source. They view KOCs as being more neutral when discussing a brand, making KOC marketing increasingly reliable in the eyes of consumers.



PR & Online Reputation Management- Frequently Asked Questions

How to find a Chinese KOL for my brand?

When entering the Chinese market, it is essential to consult with specialists to avoid scams and make informed decisions. Research potential KOLs by examining their online presence, follower count, brand collaborations, campaign capabilities, and audience reactions.

How do I choose a Chinese KOL adapted to my brand ?

Finding a KOL who shares your brand values is crucial. Their genuine interest in your products allows them to effectively communicate your brand concept and persuade Chinese consumers to make purchases. Additionally, consider the KOL's community and determine if they align with your target audience in terms of demographics and interests. Keep in mind that a smaller KOL specialized in your industry may provide more value than a KOL with a large but unrelated following.

How can brands take advantage of KOL Marketing in China?

In China, your brand's reputation directly impacts your sales. Building brand awareness and increasing reputation are crucial for success. Utilizing media relations is a proven strategy to achieve these goals. As a reputable online PR agency in China, we specialize in efficiently and pragmatically enhancing brand awareness and product popularity. In a highly competitive market, having experts in this field is essential for your success.

Do good relationships with journalists matter in China?

KOLs increase brand awareness (They can create new topics about your brand or certain products to set the tone for additional engagement). KOLs spread content (They can add to the discussion by providing their reviews and opinions). KOLs engage with potential consumers (they can invite their followers to provide their own opinions and reviews. This will potentially improve engagement and can convert passive followers into active consumers).

Are Chinese KOLs worth the investment?

As you might already know, working with influencers is not free. It is the same for KOLs as you will have to pay most of the time or send them free products, depending on the situation and the number of followers they have. You have to take into consideration that they will not increase your sales in just a week but over time. Building your reputation in China takes time, energy, and money. That’s why working with a specialized agency helps you get rid of any problem when choosing the right KOL, the right strategy, and investing the right amount of money.

How can Chinese KOLs promote my brand?

KOLs are in general ultra-connected and know how to engage with their community. Depending on your budget, they will be able to present your products during live streaming sessions, post pictures and videos about your products, promotional campaigns, posts on social media, reviews, articles, topics on social platforms such as Zhihu, etc. One other way to help people discover your brand is to let the KOL organize a giveaway or contests, so that some lucky people will be able to win products. You can also partner with them for sponsored posts that will appear on people’s feeds.

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